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Look alike mindmapmaker

Mindmaps This app was originially developed by David Richard. He made the platform. But the development has been ceased by him a couple of years ago. The app hosted at is managed by  Azeem Cv. You can reach him at Dutch version of MindMapmaker. This app is also

Definitions of a mindmap

MINDMAP DEFINITION as a search term in Google yields more than 21.800.000 results. What is a good definition ? What is a mind map? First read here what definition I give for a mind map and then see which descriptions are given by others. Also read what is my opinion – as an educational psychologist and

Creating a mindmap

preface One of the hallmarks of good education is creating a variety of visual aids. They are useful and useful in many situations. After all, visual aids meet the development of the visual world: from a “hearing and reading culture” to an interactive “seeing culture”. A mind map is also a first step towards seeing